What's next for sustainable retailing?

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June 23, 2020  |  2pm BST / 9am EST

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How can you keep your sustainability goals on track? Join our webinar to hear what the experts have to say.

Our speakers share their experience and insights on:

Welcome and introductions 
Diana Verde Nieto, CEO, Positive Luxury

Global sustainability goals: Can the fashion industry stay on track? And what might change?

Sylvie Freund-Pickavance, Strategy and Business Development Director for The Bicester Village Shopping Collection 

Sustainable design: The circular economy and why waste is just a resource in the wrong hands. 

Marie Cudennec, CEO & Founder, The GoldFinger Factory 

Saving the world one yard at a time: Using technology to bring $120bn of unused textiles back to life.

Stephanie Benedetto, CEO and co-founder, Queen of Raw


Diana Verde Nieto
Positive Luxury

Diana Verde Nieto is Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, the company behind the Butterfly Mark, a unique interactive trust mark awarded to luxury lifestyle brands in recognition of their commitment to having a positive impact on people and our planet. Diana holds a degree in Global Leadership & Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School and was honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2011. Diana teaches at Cambridge Judge School and Oxford Said School and has an honorary professorship at Glasgow Caledonian University.

About Our Speakers

Join our webinar and we'll donate a hot meal

Sylvie is a highly experienced business leader in the fashion and luxury goods sector and a champion for sustainability. She has more than 29 years of international management experience, both geographically (Asia, America and Europe) and structurally (major global players, start up and small to medium companies). Sylvie also sits on the board of Glasgow Caledonian University, the University for the Common Good.

Sylvie Freund-Pickavance
Strategy Director
The Bicester Village Shopping Collection

Marie is the CEO & Co-Founder of Goldfinger Factory, a sustainable design social enterprise focused on building better community. Marie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur with a marketing and operations background, who left a career in the luxury goods industry to pursue a path with more purpose, having previously worked for LVMH, Richemont and Estée Lauder.

Marie Cudennec
CEO & Founder
The GoldFinger Factory

Corporate attorney turned fashion tech and sustainability entrepreneur, Stephanie is the Co-Founder of Queen of Raw, a marketplace to buy and sell unused textiles, keeping them out of landfills and turning pollution into profit. Prior to starting Queen of Raw, Stephanie worked as a lawyer in the fashion, media/entertainment, start-up, and technology industries and co-founded a sustainable textile manufacturing facility.

Stephanie Benedetto
(Queen of Raw)

Taggstar are proud to be supporting People’s Kitchen // To Your Door, a community-based initiative from the Goldfinger Factory. Their aim is is to provide 2,000 free hot, nutritious meals to vulnerable residents in their community during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • How the global pandemic / lockdown experience might change your consumers' attitude and behaviour
  • What retailers can do to meet new consumer expectations
  • Why we need to rethink the idea of ‘waste’ – both physical materials and human skills
  • How we can build more sustainable supply chains

We will donate a meal for every retailer/brand, analyst or journalist who joins our webinar

Join our webinar to find out how can you keep your sustainability goals on track

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Register for our free 1-hour webinar

June 23, 2020  |  2pm BST / 9am EST

What's next for sustainable retailing?